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I can't wait to document your beautiful connection.

There is nothing I love quite as much as capturing the joy-filled, lighthearted, and sweet in-between moments of two people in love. There's a story in all of it-- Everything from the way you hold their hand to how you forget I'm even there when you look into each other's eyes. I'm just grateful to witness it all with a camera in hand, freezing it in time, frame by frame.

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EASTERN IOWA couples and wedding photographer

your love story
inspires me.

your love story inspires me.

I so evidently see the beauty that God put in both of you and the way that you bring out the good in each other. I want you to get your gallery back and see more than a play-by-play of your special day. I want you to see the touch of his hand on your back during your first dance. I want you to see the tears well up in your eyes when you have your first look and the way your father looks at you with pride as he walks you down the aisle. I want you to see everything that you might have missed and everything that you want to see again, every day for the rest of your lives together.

my approach

By taking on a documentary-style approach to your couples session or wedding day, I capture the day exactly as it happens so that when you look back on it in albums and frames, it's not a tidied up, "picture perfect" version of a day that doesn't reflect who you were together in this specific season of your lives. Instead, you'll receive a gallery of moments that make you feel exactly how you felt the day you said, "I do."

I want your experience to be collaborative, and I want you to feel at ease to be 100% yourself around me. I genuinely call my past clients "friends" instead of "clients" because of the relationship we build throughout the process of capturing your romance.

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"She was able to get our true selves and capture real moments."

"Brie is an amazing photographer and human! She made us feel so comfortable the moment we arrived for our session. She was able to get our true selves out and capture real moments. We felt so comfortable that, at times, we would even forget she was there taking pictures. Her talent, passion and creativity are evident! We loved our final images."

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fun facts about me

I dream of owning my own home and creating a beautiful outdoor space with twinkle lights and a fire pit so I can host people under the stars.


I'm a huge houseplant person. My bedroom looks more like a greenhouse than a place to sleep, and I don't mind it one bit!


My self care looks like laughter with sweet friends or sitting out on my deck, mocktail in hand, doing literally nothing but taking in the sunset.


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