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There's a story in your romance. It's a story filled with connection, intimacy, and imperfections. It's a story marked by honesty and adoration and spontaneity. There's kitchen dancing and hand holding and joke making and breath taking. It's exactly as it is, and you and your person are exactly as you are. There's a story in your romance, and I'm here to tell it through poetic images of your love for each other.

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Hi! I'm Brie, and I'm a documentary-style photographer based in Cedar Rapids, IA. I'm passionate about weaving your love story into images that will take you back to the moment every time you pass the frames hanging on the walls of your home together. I started my career as a couples and wedding photographer for the sheer joy of capturing the beauty of your togetherness-- from the intertwined hands, to the inside jokes whispered, to the stolen kisses, and everything in-between. I believe the Lord gave me this gift as a way to help you realize just how unique your love is and to provide you with a collection of photographs to treasure throughout your entire marriage.

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When it comes down to it, your marriage and your memories are the only treasures that will outlast your wedding day, and you not only deserve those memories preserved through photographs to flip through with your grandkids, but an exceptional experience and a photographer who is committed to capturing your love story in all of its unique and authentic beauty.

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"We couldn't ask for a better person, friend, and photographer to capture the biggest moments of our life!"

"Brie found the most beautiful spots, she laughs/smiles the whole time, and she takes the time to make sure that she understands what you're wanting to get out of your photos. We couldn't ask for a better person, photographer, and friend to capture the biggest moments of our life!"

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